The idea for Mexicana was born from a love and passion for Mexican gastronomy, a gastronomy that for millennia has fed the Mexican people, being declared in 2010 Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO

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March 2018. Mexicana Opens Its Doors

Walter Ferrari, a Swiss entrepreneur of Chilean origin, whose family in Santiago de Chile has been involved in Mexican gastronomy for years, decided to explore a concept of Mexican food that would do justice to Mexican gastronomy.


In this way, in March 2018, Mexicana opened its doors for the first time in the city-center of Lausanne.

A partnership between Latin Americans, one, Walter, Swiss-born of Latin American origin and the other, Andrés, Mexican-born of Swiss origin gave it bigger vision and a more ambitious purpose: to develop a true brand that would bring the unique flavors and culture of Mexico to the Swiss population.


Social responsibility

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Our cuisine will always be gourmet, high quality and inclusive, taking into account the preferences and needs of our customers, offering vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.


Also, our meats are 100% Swiss as are our tortillas, being 100% corn, produced in the canton of Vaud just a few kilometers away.

Mexicana is characterized by the same hospitable culture that one can find in Mexico. We strive every day to bring our customers an authentic experience that brings them closer to Mexico even when they have not had the privilege of experiencing it first-hand before.


To offer the authentic flavors of Mexico and Latin America by designing and delivering integral and innovative experiences in Switzerland and Europe.

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To develop a leading Swiss and European brand of Mexican and Latin American cuisine and experiences.

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